Sunday suppers are back in style. Not exactly the ones we grew up with. Perhaps a new kind of dinner routine that’s in line with how we  want to spend time in the kitchen: cooking smart and deliciously with people we love. So, grab some kids (possibly your own), round up some friends and we’ll figure out how to get dinner on the table, together.

Maybe you want to master a perfectly roasted chicken or uncover the hidden secrets of winter squash. (Did someone say kabocha?) For some, it might be a meat lover’s fest and for others discovering the mysteries of lentils or roasting a whole fish. Tell me you want to unearth the secrets of cooking middle eastern food and we’ll get it done. Found a tempting recipe you want to try? I’m game.  No gluten? No problem.  

Working side by side, I’ll share endless kitchen tips, tricks and short cuts that may leave you loving Sundays even more.

Here’s how it works: 

We come up with a menu of 3 or so dishes. (I'll send you my go-to list of Sunday Suppers as a starting point.)

I provide the fresh stuff, often from local farmers markets and purveyors: veggies, fruits, meats and dairy. 

You cover the pantry items and basics: oils, condiments, grains and seasonings. 

You get the idea, right?

$50 per person

2 hour sessions: 11-1 pm, 2-4 pm or 5-7 pm, Sundays

minimum 4/6  – max 8/10

To set up, contact me directly.

See you in the kitchen!